Project: Zest Restaurant

The new Zest restaurant on Wyndham was another interesting challenge for Design Chamber International, transforming the previously closed space by throwing open the frontage and using eye catching decor, to create an inviting eatery with European street-side appear.

DCi incorporated zest being stimulating to the mind and senses into the design. This is shown through the contrast of softs lines of life and striking graphics.

The side walls are plaster waves, obliquely lit, with colours that change through the day and provide a soft warm ambience at night. The bold text on white and vibrant tangy orange glass walls provide an eye-catching focal point with dark wood framing the multifarious elements.

Transparent orange hand basins and hot glass mosaics carry the concept through to the last detail.

Overall Zest exudes an innovative yet professional spirit.

Zest Restaurant

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