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August 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam
Solar-FIN : Patented smart energy

A flower opens and closes to collect energy as required. So why can’t buildings do the same? Why can’t that energy be saved for later use?

By simple rotation of the Solar-FIN insulation collectors are either exposed to the sun as required to gain heat or to the night sky to cool by long wave radiation. Potential heating is up to 1000kw/m2 and cooling is 150 W/m2.

The solar-FIN thermal collector can then be connected to the building’s reinforced structural mass when required either to heat or cool the building. Further storage systems can be added to enhance these periods. Fast heating and cooling can be achieved by integrating space convection systems, and the system will produce hot water as part of the technology.

The cost of the system is less than a curtain wall and so payback is immediate.

The business is to make the Solar-FIN parts (principally the motorized “lazy Susan” type turntable and the connector) along with the technical expertise for the system to be built locally by a contractor to minimize shipping costs.

Computerized control is an additional market and this would be linked to the local weather forecasts and programmed so that the energy obtained from the system is used most effectively. Heat storage systems are a further add-on. A multi- disciplined design office is an additional profit centre. There are Royalties on the patent.

Solar-FIN can be combined with other solar technologies to produce electricity with no detriment to its performance.

Costs for a Solar-FIN system in its simplest form are 80% of a normal curtain wall and conventional heating or cooling system, and so payback is immediate with expected energy savings of at least US$ 30/m2 /annum.

For developers grants of 20% for renewable energy projects are often available. Solar-FIN also has two facades and significant income can be generated through advertising on the building.

Global warming is now an accepted danger to our planet which is a significant bonus to the marketing of solar-FIN: We offer a cost effective solution with immediate payback to its users and without hidden material or energy costs in manufacture and construction.

There is no direct “green “competition.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in the next generation of naturally efficient smart energy.

Yours Faithfully

Steve Bourne

BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA HKIA


 Contact Tel (852) 9024 8056

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