Proposed 5-Star Hotel Chong Quing PRC

Hotel Chong Quing PRC 5star

This design for a 5 star 500 bed hotel incorporates Steve Bourne’s patented solar.fin smart energy system (Link) which will easily comply with China’s tough energy laws whilst maintaining a modern curtain wall appearance.

The main facades face south east and south west maximizing energy gain whilst at night the façade and roof can cool the building by several degrees. Effectively the building becomes like a flower opening and closing to suit the needs of the building and providing a very low carbon foot print.

The design has different height “shoulders” and a spectacular roof top clubhouse with 5 spires and the eyebrow of a dragon. Stairs maximize travel distance and are expressed full hieght
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This project was a two week proposal for a new hotel in Chong Quing. The design was a prototype for a new form of building using Steve Bourne’s patented solar.fin wall and roof system which by simply rotating an insulated panel allows the building to be heated during the day or cooled at night. The heat or cold is stored and can be used as required by the user, or even by computer control based upon weather forecasts.

The principle facades are obviously vertical and so at this latitude will pick up little strong midday sun at noon so they are instead facing south east to collect mid morning sun and south west for the afternoon sun dramatically improving efficiency with more effective angles of incidence.

The system is very flexible and can shade the building if there is too much heat or indeed radiate to the night sky all of the excess heat.

The plan form uses maximum corridor lengths between escape stairs which are expressed the full height of the building. The façade is modulated respecting the scale of surrounding building and topped off with a 5 star “dragons head” reflecting local culture and housing a magnificent club with 360 degree views .

One part of the tower drops off for an open air restaurant giving the building significant modulation.

Overall the project could easily have a very small carbon foot print as with the solar.fin system (link) we deal with heating cooling hot water and solar voltaics in one go.

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