Project: Reuters HK Ltd.

Location: One Exchange Square  

Project Details:

Our renovation of the 18th floor and new training centre on the 16th floor of Exchange Square won a honourable mention in the APIDA awards 1994.

The client gave us a free hand in the design and their brief was simple: “No Wood”. We set about designing an extremely “high tech” office with the aid of silicon graphic workstations to image all details of the project.

The materials chosen included laminates that change colour in different lights, and metallic wallpapers that were etched and coloured. Industrial reglit glass was used to deal economically with large curved walls.

The special demonstration desks have been particularly popular as 4-5 people can use the equipment and watch the screens comfortably at the same time.

DCi have also designed the latest Reuters sale centre in the Landmark

The Managing Director of Reuters, on his first visit to the new design commented: “This really is a Reuters office. All of our offices should look like this!” The project was published in Dimension

We have recently moved the sales office to the 42nd Floor in the Landmark.

Reuters HK Ltd.

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