Project: Konica Minolta

Design Chamber International (DCI) have been appointed to design and refurbish Konica Minoltas head offices in Eastern Centre North Point. The project has two floors and a net area of 25000 square feet. Interestingly the project is phased as the offices will be occupied throughout the renovation. The space planning was complex as there are many different departments each with many teams and so the connections between them and other departments were critical for efficient working practices. All of the services are renewed and upgraded to much more efficient green standards. The project will be completed by the end of the year.


Konica Minolta

Iluna and Gayou International’s offices

Design Chamber International (DCI) recently completed new offices for two companies that specialize in ladies underwear with clients the like of Victoria’s secret. Work areas are open plan with meeting areas that double up as work areas for fabric selection and design and manufacture of the highest standard. The net result is a light bright office that is very user friendly and comfortable keeping staff happy at peak times when the working days often stretch into the night.


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