Project: Hewitt’s Offices Guangzhou

DCi successfully expanded Hewitt Global’s offices, in Guangzhou, again partnering with Summa Design Construction.

Hewitt set up in China in 1994 and are an interesting company to work with: being leaders in the people industry and handling over 20 million people worldwide, they take care of their staff with an open plan policy so that everyone is accessible.

DCI wanted to portray the dynamism of the company and so curves were introduced to reflect the company’s philosophy and also to deal with the odd angles in the building.

The main conference room picks up the curve of the table whilst the smaller rooms are finned to give more privacy. Circular drop ceiling add to the effect and are picked up in a different shade of carpet. The fins are specially lit to provide dramatic shadows. We proposed to use quite strong colours and this accentuates the curves and makes the environment a lot more exciting.

The project was phased so that there was absolutely minimal disruption to the workings of the office.

Hewitt’s Offices Guangzhou

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