MPS Reference Letter DCi





To Whom it may concern


Dear Sir /Madam

Design Chamber International (DCi)

Our involvement with DCi has been with the Shanghai Branch which was completed on a Design and build basis. I note that DCi also designed and built our offices in Hong Kong, and representative offices in Beijing and Guangzhou where the quality of for instance stone work was considered very good by our in -house architect. All there facilities have been received by our staff and customers alike.

Our office in Shanghai makes best use of the extraordinary views and is a balanced and gracious space. The reception works well for normal visitors, customers and their banking needs.

Back of house has worked well over time and we have steadily increased both desking and associated storage space just by adding furnitures as planned and we are wired up in a few minutes.

During construction DCi made good efforts to comply with our schedule and opening. They even managed to have staff complete work over Chinese New year so that our stone supplier from Italy could lay the stone in the few days they were scheduled to be here. We have been pleased with the quality of work and it has lasted well over the years.

It is hard to find contractors of this quality in China and so we are most happy to recommend the full package service DCi offers to people.

Yours sincerely,


Shanghai Branch

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