Project: Miami Spice

Location: Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Project Details:

Based around Steve Raichlin’s “Miami Spice,” this project is a refurbishment of the old “Bull and Bear” in Kowloon.

The whole project was fast track being completed in thee weeks including all design documentation and construction. Two new bars were installed and a huge deep curved wall that totally transformed the space making it very welcoming and lively. All existing finishes and furniture was reused as far as possible resulting in an unbelievably low budget. The project was widely published and below are quotes from an article in Dimensions.

“It is product of absolute professionalism from many parties, not least the designers. All concerned emphasize the low budget and fast programme. Perhaps neither is unusual where there is an existing house style. What takes special skill is to meet such targets and to produce a new and absolutely convincing customer experience from nothing. That they have succeeded at Humphreys Avenue is no accident.”

Miami Spice

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