Project: Koh-i-Noor Restaurant

Location : Cityplaza 2, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Project Details:

Design Chamber International has over the years designed a number of restaurants in the Koh-i-Noor chain. This particular concept deviated from the traditional approach to the design of an Indian restaurant and was conceived as a modern, open to view space with bold colours and materials.

The rear wall was designed as a handcrafted, theatrical backdrop to the diners, using blues, purples, red and gold.

The flooring and furniture was deliberately set in contrast to the backdrop with a warm colour palette of timber and an amber terrazzo floor.

Genuine Indian artifacts were sourced in India and include sculptures, Moghual miniatures painted on marble decorate the backdrop wall and original wooden shutters from Rajastan are used in the service station.

“This is a tightly run business with equally professional design. Conceived in only two week before the property was obtained and executed in four weeks on site, with many specialist features, both modern and ethnic, whose balance is handled with finesse, and the ambiance discreet. This is a modern interior which belongs in its context and, on reflection, demonstrates that nothing else here was left to chance” – Dimensions Magazine March 1996.

 Koh-i-Noor Restaurant

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