China National Aviation Corporation (HK) Ltd.

Location: 3/F & 5/F Dragon Air & CNAC Tower, Chek Lap Kok 

Project Details:

These offices are housed in CNAC Building opposite the airport and were a major departure from the current offices. CNAC are expanding their presence in Asia and wanted a new clean image that expressed the forward thinking of the company and yet subtlety maintained their culture, and roots.

Our design pays respect to the fine headquarters building and we were careful to ensure that the façade was kept clean and glassy by not putting any furniture by the windows. All partitions have a glass panel by the fenestration so uninterrupted lines are maintained.

These polices were repeated inside, and each space flows into the other. Corridors have focal points at the ends including special airline fibre optic sculptures and strong graphics combined with traditional Chinese sculptures and modern painting. The offices house a number of different departments in a total gross area of 45,000sqft. Each area is bright and open, and there a strong corporate accent core walls to give a sense of direction and place.

China National Aviation Corporation

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