Central Park Manila Phillipines

Central Park

The capital City has horrendous traffic and parking problems. This scheme was to provide over a thousand car parks in the centre of town and to be self financing. The structure is based on a cut and fill technique which is inexpensive and shown in the first section.

We found sites adjacent to replant the trees and shrubs so that none of the habitat was destroyed. Above the car park was a shopping mall which made the complex financially viable, with 150,000 sm of shopping space.

This was lit by a variety of light wells from glass pyramids to water falls.

At the new raised ground levels the views would be substantially better and there are discreet cafes and restaurants tucked into the landscape. To the North is a parade ground and the land is t5erraced to provide excellent views of events and also for theatre and concerts.

Overall this design provides a green solution to maximizing the potential of park space and also provides a revolutionary breathing building to be considered even for normal use on larger sites, and existing parks and gardens.

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