Project: Cantor Fitzgerald Asia Limited

Location: 1507-1512, IFC Building, Central

Project Details:

This international broking house has been Vigers client for over 6 years, and they have steadily grown to over 18 dealers in Hong Kong, with other offices worldwide.

Their corporate brochure was very special, and formed the basis of our design. The graphics were used on a corporate “Box” which separates the reception and conference room.

The Cantor X was reproduced in the carpet design, and two aluminium sloping walls introduced for privacy to the desking area. Sloping walls to the conference room allow visitors to see the facility unfold and then close again.

Special clocks were commissioned to Shum Shum, a young local artist who portrayed New York with King Kong, London with Michael Caine, a full size of Bruce Lee for Hong Kong and Dame Edna Everidge for Australia. These have proved very popular and each clock already has a high price tag on it.

Overall the office has proved practical, with a strong corporate image.

This Project was published in Space Magazine.

Cantor Fitzgerald Asia Limited

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