About Us

Design Chamber International (DCI)

Architects and Designers with a passion for design, dedication to excellence and commitment to sustainability, provide solutions tailored to client’s needs and goals. Creating a visual realization in-line with the brief and aspirations; building tangible realities that are practical; efficient; comfortable and above all an environment that is a pleasure to be in.

• Passion for design: “Architecture is the mother of the arts.” Every decision has a bearing on the final outlook and feel of the project from the first sketches down to the last detail. The process is both delightful and intense.

• Dedication to excellence: the best DCI project is the next.

• Open minded professionals: Forward thinking group that treats each project individually, tailoring to client needs, environment, corporate and/or personal goals.

• Communication: Always listening carefully to wants and needs; interpreting them visually and turning vision into reality and documents that enable builders/contractors to get the job done.

• Drawing: From initial sketches with concepts and opportunities through to virtual images of the design through to final working drawings for the contractor

• Design to budget: In depth knowledge of the market with a menu of different cost effective solutions to meet budget constraints.

• Time efficient: Throughout, an acute awareness of time implications and adherence to strict deadlines throughout the project

• Project management: Leading teams through a well defined process that deals with and resolves issues to allow the project to run smoothly on time and on budget.

• Experience: Established in 1991. 20 years of diverse knowledge and experience, with over 200 clients around the region.

• Commitment to sustainability: A proactive approach to energy conservation and efficiency; development of a new patented wall and roof systems to heat and cool buildings through sister company Solar.fin Ltd.

• Smart energy : Leading the field with smart energy solar voltaic and windmills that are respectively 80% and 85% efficient giving more than four times the power than current systems.

DCI offers a comprehensive service that is based on passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge, making the process and final project a pleasure both for DCI and their clients.