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Design Chamber International (DCI)

Architects and Designers with a passion for design, dedication to excellence and commitment to sustainability, provide solutions tailored to client’s needs and goals. Creating a visual realization in-line with the brief and aspirations; building tangible realities that are practical; efficient; comfortable and above all an environment that is a pleasure to be in.

• Passion for design: “Architecture is the mother of the arts.” Every decision has a bearing on the final outlook and feel of the project from the first sketches down to the last detail. The process is both delightful and intense.

• Dedication to excellence: the best DCI project is the next.

• Open minded professionals: Forward thinking group that treats each project individually, tailoring to client needs, environment, corporate and/or personal goals.

• Communication: Always listening carefully to wants and needs; interpreting them visually and turning vision into reality and documents that enable builders/contractors to get the job done.

• Drawing: From initial sketches with concepts and opportunities through to virtual images of the design through to final working drawings for the contractor

• Design to budget: In depth knowledge of the market with a menu of different cost effective solutions to meet budget constraints.

• Time efficient: Throughout, an acute awareness of time implications and adherence to strict deadlines throughout the project

• Project management: Leading teams through a well defined process that deals with and resolves issues to allow the project to run smoothly on time and on budget.

• Experience: Established in 1991. 20 years of diverse knowledge and experience, with over 200 clients around the region.

• Commitment to sustainability: A proactive approach to energy conservation and efficiency; development of a new patented wall and roof systems to heat and cool buildings through sister company Solar.fin Ltd.

• Smart energy : Leading the field with smart energy solar voltaic and windmills that are respectively 80% and 85% efficient giving more than four times the power than current systems.

DCI offers a comprehensive service that is based on passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge, making the process and final project a pleasure both for DCI and their clients.

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APIDA award just 3 years after setting up the practice (Reuters)

New Town Development : Creating positive change to community living standards in China Dormitory housing. Utilsing natural ventilation and providing individual toilets and kitchens for each unit, increasing the quality of life which is sustainable, cost effective and flexible.

Low Impact Civil Solutions : Introducing large bore pipes, initially in Shanghai PRC, that resolve maintenance of all services without digging up roads

• More than just Design : Being instrumental in changing the licensing procedures for restaurants in Hong Kong to fast track this and allow businesses a sound financial footing earlier.

• Environmental : Inventing and patenting a wall and roof system for heating and cooling buildings inspired by nature.

• Cutting Edge : Developing new solar voltaic and windmill systems that produce up to four times the output

• And more : Discovery channel’s “Super Homes” series featured a DCI residential project; many other projects have been published.


  • Steve Bourne
  • Lau Kiu Shing
  • Ray Li

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As the name suggests, Design Chamber is a place where professionals with the same passion for design and dedication for excellence come together to bring the very best services and skill sets to a project.



DCI provides a bespoke design and build service through established relationships over the past 20 years that fulfil the

DCI criteria of known performance of finishing projects on time, to high quality, cost effectively and within budget. Project contracting teams are selected to best suit client needs, project criteria and making good use of preferred rates and contractors that will ‘go the extra mile’.


Additional Services :

E and M consultancy

W.Y Lau as head of Celtech technical services LTD has worked on many DCi projects and is a trusted and respected professional, providing advise, solutions and comprehensive building services design.


Authorized Person services

Robin Howes is the DCI AP and has collaborated on many projects including restaurants and refurbishment of the Middle island facility for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club.


Overseas Associates :

DCI has a number of associations to cover the region and also specialist areas of design, these include :
Our associations include:

  • James Ferrie and partners, Singapore Malaysia. JFP have won Unesco awards for conservation work.
  • The Miller Bourne Partnership UK specializing in school and supermarket design



2207-9 Tower 2 Lippo Centre
Admiralty, Hong Kong
general line 2110 6762

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This page highlights some of the past and present testimonials of the firm.

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